Friday, July 11, 2008

The Power of God in the Palm of My Hand!

Ok - like I've said, I live rural Madison County NY. It's a very simple and scenic place and it's just as low-brow as you'd imagine. I was raised here, I've lived in Syracuse and in Holley, NY (close to Brockport) , but other than that I've lived here all my life (and I make fun of that choice far more than anyone else).

So, I'm more suprised than anyone by the fact that I LOVE THIS HANDHELD BUG ZAPPER that I picked up last weekend at -- where else -- WalMart!

For $7.12 and 2 AA batteries (not included, of course) I have the power of a mass serial killer as I walk through the house (or just sit here and wave the damn thing) and get a little thrill each time I hear that ZAP! ZAP!! sizzzle...

And yes, it scares the cats and I don't think Domino is a fan either, and yes, you do get a little shock if by chance you touch the wires while the button is compressed (so Shawn tells me and I didn't ask for further details), and yes, the larger bugs smell when fried. But sweet Jesus! I love this little thing and the small and creepy thrill I get when I use it.

Is that a fly....?? ZAP! ZAP!! sizzzle.
So, I just set up a blog for my father and it was rather simple and fun so, WTF, here's mine! While I've long resisted this media, I believe now is the time for "the world" to enjoy the privilege of my rants. ;-P

A word to the wise: never blog anything that you wouldn't want entered in a court of law. (didn't Spitzer say something like that?) If you don't believe me, just watch the news. That said, I will likely use this forum to offer my opinions and thoughts (isn't that the point?) in the honest method I always have. As I've often told my family and friends:

Don't ask me the question unless you're sure you want to hear my answer!

Ok then. Here we go!